Awesome Jordi

anjal patel 08/01/2016
Thanks Jordi for your efforts and documentation.


Juan Pablo 02/01/2016
Thank you very much for sharing your guide on using CFD. It is very well written, and without a doubt was instrumental in passing my CFD course. I found the last two sections on aerodynamics particularly interesting.
Cheers from León!


Rasmus 08/12/2015
Hi, thanks a lot for sharing your work

Chapter 5 - Airfoil

Carlos 02/11/2015
Dear Jordi,

Thank you for the great tutorial! I am enjoying it quite a lot. I am, however, having an issue with the tutorial from chapter 5. When I try to run simpleFoam after setting everything up I get this error:

Symmetry plane 'topAndBottom' is not planar.
At local face at (-1.983206 4.00012 0.0500015) the normal (0 1 0) differs from the average normal (0 0 0) by 1
Either split the patch into planar parts or use the symmetry patch type

From function symmetryPlanePolyPatch::n()
in file meshes/polyMesh/polyPatches/constraint/symmetryPlane/symmetryPlanePolyPatch.C at line 64.

FOAM exiting

I read here that because this patch contains two opposite planes, their combined average normal is (0, 0, 0). To solve this they suggest to split the patch up into two faces. Isn't is easier to use "symmetry" instead of "symmetryPlane"? Also I do not know what the difference is between those two.

Kind regards,



C B 30/10/2015
Thanks for taking the time to put this together.


Issam 15/10/2015
Dear Jordi Casacuberta Puig,
Thanks alot for your lessons, just i want to let you know that the case cylinder195, there is mistake between Z and X axis in blockMeshDict.

Re: cylinder195

Jordi 15/10/2015
Dear Issam,
Could you please tell when in which part and what kind of error? I will try to correct for future versions. Thanks!

Re: Re: cylinder195

Issam 19/10/2015
in the vertices the lenght is 200 , used in x direction , while the gride is (50 1 100) which mean only 50 cell in x , which is small.

Re: Re: Re: cylinder195

nasos 01/11/2015
I am sorry for the stupid question (its my first time using the software) but how can I correct the mistake you mentioned?


Issam 26/09/2015
Thanks alot , I am learning from your lessons.
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