Carlos 04/10/2016
Mu buen trabajo!!!

OpenFoam Angel

Mohammed Marouan 21/09/2016
The explanations were very clear and the guide was very brilliant and very helpful!...Well done Sir!!!!

Good effort

Amit 14/09/2016
Thanks for the job you have done

Aircraft case

velan 14/07/2016
Dear Jordi
your tutorial is awesome. I am running the aircraft case, after blockMesh command I am not able to view domain in Paraview I am getting error " constant/polyMesh/boundary: Found duplicated entries with keyword inGroups"

thanks in advance for reply

Thank you

letícia 16/06/2016
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I'm trying to use OpenFOAM on my doctorate for sediment transport you have a tutorial on this subject? or know someone to tell me?
thank you.

Really nice, thanks

Alex 13/04/2016
The guide is really well done, thank you very much for sharing your efforts!


INJAE LEE 22/03/2016
Better than the official tutorial~! Thank you for your work.


GiulioUK 11/02/2016
Thank you for providing this awesome documentation for free viewing online!! I am sure it will suit many users! Well done!


Hrishikesh 08/02/2016
Good for begineers


srinivasan 29/01/2016
it's good and helpful for beginners,.....
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