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nasos 01/11/2015
I am sorry for the stupid question (its my first time using the software) but how can I correct the mistake you mentioned?


Issam 26/09/2015
Thanks alot , I am learning from your lessons.

Thanks Jordi

Derek Fricke 04/09/2015
These walk-throughs are well documented and very helpful as reference tools. Well done.

Thank you so much

New User 27/07/2015
These tutorials are really very helpful and it is hard to find come by such clearly explained and well written materials on the internet for a software such as OpenFoam. I Thank you once again for taking the time to develop such material.

Thank you

Gustavo 19/07/2015
Thank you for sharing your knowledge! It will be very usefull to my PhD thesis. I certainly will reference your website.


Binzilla 08/07/2015
Thank you sir! The tutorials offered are such a big help. Beginning from scratch in OpenFOAM is quite tough without any tutorials. Your PDFs made my learning easier.

If you would be kind enough to make more tutorials, possibly in the compressible regime, it would help a lot. Nevertheless, your work is amazing.


Saludos, gracias por compartir.

Mauricio de Alba 30/06/2015
Hola Jordi, antes que todo gracias por compartir todo este trabajo, a mí me estás ayudando. Por otro lado veo que estudias o estudiaste en la ETSEIAT, yo estudié ahí en el CTTC, veo que colaboras con Gustavo Rauhs, por favor dile que le envío un saludos y que deseo que todo vaya bien con él y su familia.


sanjay yadav 11/06/2015
thanx for the help.

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Pharme50 26/05/2015
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Pharmd760 26/05/2015
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