XEvil 4.0 break captchas of Google, Facebook, Yandex, VKontakte, and 8400 others!

MashaHerma 08/12/2017
Este mensaje se publica aquí usando XRumer + XEvil 4.0
XEvil 4.0 es una aplicación revolucionaria que puede evitar casi cualquier protección anti-botnet.
Captcha Reconocimiento Google (ReCaptcha-1, ReCaptcha-2), Facebook, Yandex, VKontakte, Captcha Com y más de 8,4 millones de otros tipos!

¡Usted lee esto - significa que trabaja! ;)
Detalles en el sitio web oficial de XEvil.Net, hay una versión de demostración gratuita.


Radek 02/11/2017
Great job!
I would like to welcome some guidance for the differences between versions 2.3 and 5
Will there be anything?

Thanks from UK

Miquel 12/08/2017
Jordi molt bona feina. Thanks so much!

Tutorial guide OpenFOAM

Luca 30/07/2017
[ENG]I wanted to thank you so much for this exceptional OpenFOAM guide without which I would not understand how to use this program. It's great, clear and complete, thank you so much!!!

[ITA]Ti volevo ringraziare tantissimo per questa eccezionale guida su OpenFOAM senza la quale non avrei capito come usare questo programma. E' fantastica, chiara e completa, grazie mille!!!!

OpenFoam Beginner

Jacjii 11/04/2017
Thank You for Your tutorial, these are great help

Thanks for the Wonderful Beginners Tutorial

M P Mathew 04/02/2017
Really appreciate the hard work put by you. Thanks

learning OpenFOAM

krishnan 14/01/2017
Dear Mr Jordi,
Thank you very much for your effort. I do hope that these will be greatly helpful to me in learning OpenFOAM.
Best regards,

Thank you

Arash Rouzi 13/01/2017
Dear Jordi,

Thank you for your efforts for preparing this guide. I am going to download them. Please find me on Linkedin or via my blog: Please do not hesitate to leave me message if you find it necessary.

OpenFOAM Guide for Beginners-thenks from Kyrgyzstan

Abdikerim 07/01/2017
It is well done work for beginners. Thanks a lot.

OpenFOAM Guide for Beginners

Aziz Gulam 15/12/2016
Hi there,
Thank you very much for generously sharing your knowledge and experiences in using OpenFOAM. We understand so much more via your very clear Guide. Highly recommended. Much appreciated. And all the best for the future.

Best regards
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